Q: I'm confused - are Victorian Station and Big Pink Music the same thing?  Is Big Pink Music a private deal?

A: Nope!  Food and drink and facility operations are managed by "The Bistro at Victorian Station." Victorian Station's nickname is "The Big Pink."  Big Pink Music is a separate non-profit organization that provides financial support, via member donations, to certain events held at Victorian Station - and these events are all open to the public. Big Pink Music also presents special in-the-round shows on selected weekends, to which members receive both the first invitation and a BPM member discount.  As membership grows, we hope to expand membership benefits, including music education opportunities. BPM's mission is to support local artists and development of a listening room environment in Hampton Roads. 

Q: I have attended Thursday Open Mics and Friday Bluegrass Events...is there a cover now?

A: Never!  We hope that members of our community will become members of Big Pink Music, which will help us support--a.k.a., pay--the local musicians they love, but there is no requirement to do so.  Big Pink Music will present a limited number of Sunday afternoon shows that will have a cover, as indicated on the event listing.

Q: Does this mean open mic performers get paid now?

A: We wish!  Unfortunately, our budget won't allow funding that just yet.  Big Pink Music will support this award-winning open mic by providing sustained funding for the hard-working hosts of the weekly events.

Q: Is Victorian Station still kid-friendly?

A: Yup! The only time there is a limitation is for special Sunday afternoon in-the-round shows.  For these shows you must be at least 17 years old to attend or 12 years old and accompanied by an adult. 

Q: Can I donate less than $100?

A: Absolutely.  All monetary donations will support the efforts of the organization.  You must donate at least $100 to have member status.

Q: Are there ways to support Big Pink Music other than/in addition to a monetary donation?

A: Heck yeah!  Just e-mail bigpinkmusicclub@gmail.com and we'll see where your skills fit our needs.