What is Big Pink Music?

Big Pink Music is a newly-established, member-supported non-profit organization presenting local music at Victorian Station in the Phoebus neighborhood of Hampton, Virginia. This organization will collaborate with the owners/operators of Victorian Station, but it will operate independently from facility and food and drink operations.

Why is Big Pink Music being established?

An eclectic array of local artists and the most attentive audiences in Hampton Roads have created a unique music scene at Victorian Station. For the last three years, Victorian Station has been recognized by Veer Magazine as the “Best Open Mic” in Hampton Roads, and recordings of live performances are broadcast weekly on “Radio Hour from the Big Pink.” Bluegrass nights have packed the house, and local groups play to raise money for their favorite charities or to celebrate special events. The doors of the beloved “Big Pink” house open for live music - pure and simple. The nonprofit Big Pink Music has been established to cultivate this artist/audience community and foster the authentic and rich connection that only music can make. We will showcase local music and the artists who create it.

What does Big Pink Music do?

Big Pink Music uses an annual membership model to fund performances by local musicians at Victorian Station to support the organization’s mission.     

Big Pink Music is a nonprofit, member-supported organization dedicated to the enrichment of the human spirit through the presentation, encouragement, and preservation of live music. Big Pink Music provides a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all people to perform, listen to, appreciate, and share live music.

Why Become a Member of Big Pink Music?

As a member of Big Pink Music you support a true listening room that is vital to the growth and development of our local music scene. You make music the focus. Big Pink Music provides the structure through which members can unite in a like-minded community to foster local music in a way that cannot be done by any single individual.